The Epic Quest Authors


Austin "RealPlayerOne", Questing Cartographer

Austin got his start in CCGs with the Pokemon Trading Card Game. He grew up collecting the cards with his brother but never quite learned to play. After playing Yu-Gi-Oh for a few years, Austin largely stayed out of the CCG world till late in high school where he picked up a brand new PTCG deck. After playing Pokemon competitively for a couple years and dabbling in Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh as friends and roommates were interested, Austin found Keyforge. After opening his first deck (With Epic Quest of course) Austin was hooked. Always being a combo player, figuring out Epic Quest's strong effect was immediately appealing. His fascination with The Algorithm brought him in and Epic Quest kept him around.

After noticing there weren't many outlets in the Keyforge Community for creative peoples, Austin took the leap into content creation with The Epic Quest Blog and brought the Moor Wolf Pack along with him. Austin welcomes his friends, team, and the community to the site and thanks them for the support. When Austin isn't figuring out a new Epic Quest deck, you can find him preparing for the next weekly Moor Wolf Pack event or finding new stories to tell from the Crucible. Austin supports Organized Play tournaments and events in his local KeyForge community in Seattle, Washington by creating tokens and trophies as prize support. You can continue the conversation with Austin on social media @TheEpicQuestKF.

Josh "juicebox" Pseudonym, Smoker of KeyForge

My wife tells me that I’m a “whole-ass” kind of guy. What she means by this is that I don't really half-ass anything. I’m not even sure that I know how. When something captures my interest, I’m in. All in. Gaming has captured my interest since the days of middle school sleepovers, playing RISK with my buddies until all hours of the night. Huddled together around the board, pushing troops around, throwing dice, collecting and spending cards. Those evenings were full of fun, laughter, and delight. We couldn’t get enough! As the gaming industry and I both matured over the years, I have found that I am especially drawn to games that allow for ongoing exploration of theme and variation. I love mining the depths of possibility. I love flavor. I love being able to play something again and again and having a new experience each and every time. These preferences show up in my gaming lineage which includes: Star Wars Epic Duels, LOTR TCG (Decipher), Anachronism, Heroscape, Summoner Wars, LOTR LCG (FFG), KeyForge, LOTR Journeys in Middle Earth, Marvel Champions LCG, and Unmatched. Each of these games holds a special place in my heart, and KeyForge resides squarely in my left-ventricle, the part of the heart that pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body. What I’m saying is, KeyForge brings a uniquely special kind of joy and enrichment to my life. It’s become somewhat of a seminal force, and I look forward to the delight of mining its depths for decades to come.

Peter "SadCryBear", Towering Strategist

When I was 12 my brother and I pooled our money and bought a $7.95 starter deck of the Decipher Star Trek CCG. We split it in half and I made him play with me over and over. From that moment I was hooked. I spent my early teen years playing Star Trek, Star Wars, and Pokemon. I eventually turned to the more competitive environment of Magic, playing in the Junior Super Series and other events. I spent my late teen years working in a card shop and playing anything I could get my hands on. Gaming has been a significant part of my life since then. I moved from competitive CCGs to board games and have enjoyed regular board game nights for many years. With the release of Keyforge, I returned to the arena of competitive cards games. Keyforge is a brilliant game with a fantastic community and has been feeding the competitive itch I’ve missed. I’m excited to share my thoughts on Keyforge, grounded in playing competitively while having fun, formed by more than 20 years in the hobby. -Peter "SadCryBear", Towering Strategist

Doug "DJ Secret Santa", the Ultraethical Gourmand

Doug started playing Dungeons & Dragons in 1976, Cosmic Encounter in 1977, and Magic: The Gathering in 1994. The rest is history. He is a closeted Richard Garfield fanboy, which partly explains his current obsession with KeyForge. He has played in five Vault Tours and once used his earned Æmbershards to acquire a Fuzzy Gruen stuffy for a damsel in distress. He is known as Chibigouazou (on TCO and Discord) but is too misanthropic for discourse on social media.