Moor Wolf Pack

Team logo by @Taplaos on Twitter!
90's Cartoon Team Logo by Laura Keil (@lauraakeil on Instagram)!

About the Team

The Moor Wolf Pack is a communiteam originating in the Greater Seattle Area. They make their home at Blue Highway Games - periodically visiting in droves for intense battles in the Crucible. Visiting the Seattle Area? Come join us Tuesdays at 7pm at Blue Highway Games!

Why do they call themselves the Moor Wolf Pack? Moor Wolves always come in packs - each member is a valuable member of the team and builds up one another. Each Moor Wolf has a play ability that rallies the others, with Skirmish - ready to fight with the biggest of foes.

“Ingram, put that down! We’re surrounded!”– Lieutenant Khrkhar

The League

The Moor Wolf Pack League is a quarterly event put on by the Moor Wolf Pack throughout the year. To join the MWP League, the Moor Wolf Pack only requires you to be a part of the pack and that you can complete your weekly battles in person! (while not under quarantine*)

  • The current league runs from April 1st, 2020 till the end of June.
  • The format is Bo3 TCO Sealed! We'll be using The Crucible Online's sealed mode to randomly choose decks from our three current sets (Call of the Archons, Age of Ascension, and World's Collide) for a different deck each game!
  • *While under quarantine, participation in the Seattle Keyforge Discord for voice or video chat is required.

If you want to follow along with the league, feel free to check out the Challonge Link here: Apr-Jun 2020 Bo3 TCO Sealed League

For results from past league competitions, you can check here:

Our Supreme Champion

Our current Moor Wolf Pack Supreme Champion is Peter "SadCryBear", Towering Strategist!

Congrats to Peter!

Peter obliterated the competition in our Adaptive League of February and March 2020 with the only 5-0 record going into the Top 4. Peter's deck was Plato V. Oglewish, the Eighth, an intriguing World's Collide deck with three EDAI "Edie" 4x4, the Book of leQ/Navigator Ali Combo, and two Binding Irons among other complexities for the opponent to deal with. Peter says throughout the tournament, he never lost playing against his deck- a true testament to both his skill as a player and the value of the deck as an Adaptive choice.

You can find articles by Peter here on The Epic Quest and you'll find him on The Crucible Online and Discord as SadCryBear!

Adaptive Strategy 101

Portland Prime Tournament Report

Seattle Vault Tour: A Retrospective Report

While SadCryBear is our Supreme Champion for now, his reign is already being challenged in our next tournament! Will he prevail and take home the prize again? Or will another worthy adversary dethrone him? We'll see come the end of June!

The Team:


Austin "RealPlayerOne", Questing Cartographer

Founder of The Epic Quest

The Epic Quest Contributor

Seattle VT 2019 4-2, Las Vegas VT 2019 4-2, Indianapolis VT 2019 3-3, Rain City Games Prime 2020 Top 4, Fantasium 2019 Store Champion


Josh "juicebox" Pseudonym, Smoker of KeyForge

Moor Wolf Pack Tournament Organizer

The Epic Quest Contributor

Seattle VT 2019 4-2, Uncle’s Games Prime 2019 Top 8


Peter "SadCryBear", Towering Strategist

TCO Junkie

MWP Supreme Champion

The Epic Quest Contributor

Seattle VT 2019 4-2, PAX Unplugged 2019 4-2, 3-3, Red Castle Games Prime 2019 Top 8


Doug "DJ Secret Santa", the Ultraethical Gourmand

VT Leaderboard 2019/2020 Top 100 (87th)

Seattle VT 2019 1-5, Denver VT 2019 3-3, GenCon VT (sealed) 2019 2-4, PAX Unplugged VT (sealed) 2019 5-2, Fort Worth VT 2020 3-3


Cody "codykraz" Krasny, of Myriad Pursuits

Twitch, Youtube

~71% TCO Win Rate

Seattle VT 2019 4-2


Marek "PolishPenetrator206", Blue Highway Shopkeeper

Keeper of the Most Unplayed Decks

Seattle VT 2019 3-3, Bellevue Prime 2019 2-3


David "dmikalova", Eater of the Dead

Seattle VT 2019 4-2, Denver VT 2019, Las Vegas VT 2019 4-2, BHG 2019 Store Champion


Yaro "Porkyoupyne", A Champion

Vanquisher of David

VT Leaderboard 2019/2020 Top 100 (49th)

Winner of the 2019 Seattle Vault Tour, MBH 2019 Store Champion


Jeff "GreenStaar", the Fanatical Collector

Boardgame and Keyforge Card Hunter, Extraordinaire

Seattle VT 2019 4-2, Red Castle Games Prime Top 8