(2/4/2020) The Silver VaultWarrior

By Austin "RealPlayerOne", Questing Cartographer

Some background on this piece before you read... this poem is about Questis Peltrasius, the Silver and Virtuous, an Archon I opened in a Sealed event at Mox Boarding House. From the moment I opened Questis Peltrasius, I was excited about the name. It has a rhythm to it, a cadence I haven't found with other names. So I decided to write a poem. This poem I've written over the course of about four months, taking huge breaks between writings. I wanted it in the style of an epic poem- a long narrative poem, without a particular poetic form, that follows the story of a great hero. So I decided to make a story across multiple quatrains about this character that started out as a regular Sanctum creature, became a VaultWarrior, and then an Archon. The ideas started flowing right around the announcement of the VaultWarrior series, and it was a great story point to latch onto. I finished the poem earlier today, shortly after the Mass Mutation announcement- so there are some influences there as well! Each time I read over this poem, I picture the music from the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker- a track aptly named "The Legendary Hero". I encourage you to give it a listen as you read through (Link here!). Without further ado, here is the poem, The Silver VaultWarrior. Enjoy!

Questis Peltrasius, the Silver and Virtuous,

For glorious House Sanctum he fought,

Traveling the world perilous and dangerous,

To his floating cities above, honor he brought.

At his Archon’s command he’d jump Into the Fray,

With the Demons of Dis to test his mettle.

The Untamed Beasts would try to drive him away,

But his comrades in Shadows the quarrels they would settle.

The green Martians brought technology to Silver,

With new advancements the Brobnar Giants they bewildered,

And great spoils from the Vaults the Virtuous One did deliver,

With tactics Logos Scientists hadn’t considered.

By the Church of the Opened Eye he was praised,

For strife and unjust he vanquished wholly.

Though the wake of Questis was always razed,

Destruction fell only on those unholy.

Questis Peltrasius, the Silver and Virtuous,

Though his hair was Silver, his heart was of gold.

The enlightened warrior was unbeatable, victorious,

Word spread across the land of a hero breaking the mold.

Miss "Onyx" Censorius gathered her teams,

The army of Radiant Argus was recruited.

Though One may Stand Against Many, it seems,

That for the skills of Silver they were simply not suited.

The Archon of Questis became chained,

His strength the Architects deemed too great.

While their intricate synergies became strained,

New civilizations rose against Peltrasius at an alarming rate.

Mighty Dinosaurs of the Saurian Republic theorized,

With hubris unrivaled by none,

That Star Alliance cooperation properly organized,

Could win a battle previously unwon.

Questis Peltrasius, the Silver and Virtuous,

Prepared for this test he was not.

While the conflict was sure to be arduous,

His allies would never leave him to rot.

Magic and technology clashed;

Locked in combat, Dinosaurs and Martians met.

The Virtuous One’s golden sword slashed,

Deflecting blaster shots, removing the threat.

With Golgotha and Maruck he defended,

Their Archon and allies from advancements.

Silver charged ahead, his courage not expended,

Great power emanated from his Æmber enhancements.

The tide they felt was turning,

But to the Svarr elves came pain,

For at the hand of Rex undiscerning,

Questis Peltrasius was slain.

Questis Peltrasius, the Silver and Virtuous,

Not lost his tale was to embers.

Songs were sung of Silver; vivacious,

A VaultWarrior the Crucible remembers.

Thereafter many years, on the eve of his fall,

On the horizon, a Blinding Light burned.

A burst of fiery red broke the pall,

With a Ghosthawk's fervor, Questis returned.

The heavens parted for his ethereal form,

This embodiment of valor; the Archon was grand.

His presence was impressive, warm,

With an inspiring call came his first command.

Emerged a new threat from the mountain’s peak,

Whisperings of power unlike in any Vault.

Dark Æmber corrupted the weak,

And Questis Peltrasius led the assault.

Thanks for reading!

This, I hope, is the first of many fun, creative works pertaining to Keyforge that will show up on this site! There's so much to explore in the Crucible, I hope you'll join us for more stories ahead!

If you want to continue the conversation with me, you can find me on Twitter as @TheEpicQuestKF, and on Discord as TheRealPlayerOne#7724. Special thanks to SkyJedi for the decklist generator built into Archon Matrix that I used to make the decklist above and for all the card assets! It makes article creation much easier!

Till next story time,

-Austin "RealPlayerOne", Questing Cartographer